It’s the Genesis of the 31st Congress

TEAM 31st Congress ready to serve you with S.M.I.L.E. and F.O.C.U.S.

After the heated and exciting elections, the newly elected Supreme Student Council (SSC) 31st Congress officers have undergone a leadership training seminar (LTS) and general planning of activities (GPOA) last March 24-26, 2012 at Genesis Valley, barangay Cabangahan, Consolacion, Cebu.

35 SSC officers were present during the three-day leadership training seminar with Mr. Alex Del Mar as the resource speaker.

Del Mar imparted insights on how to become effective and efficient leaders.

There were also several “fun-filled” team building activities which helped the officers to be closer to each other.

Aside from this, SSC 31st Congress Executive Committee organized different games and contests such as the banner making contest, GTKY quizbowl and the most awaited project proposal competition.

House Representatives (HRs) from the College of Information, Computer, and Communications Technology nabbed the award for best project proposal.

On the third day, the Execom has organized a grand Amazing Race competition which tested the teamwork and competitiveness of each college representatives. College of Nursing HRs emerged as victors.

College of Commerce HRs has been announced as the over-all champion for this year’s LTS and GPOA.


70 Cebu High School students inspired by SSC

The delegates together with the USJ-R President Rev. Fr. Enrico Peter Silab, OAR (center). Photo by Forward Publications

With an emotional conclusion of the 2nd Adelante Student Leaders Congress 2012 afternoon of February 4, 2012, delegates have sent messages to their friends and the organizers of the event that they have been inspired to become leaders of the society.

“ASLC facilitators, thank you for inviting us. The daily long trips paid off. Thank you for your trust in me. You will all be my inspiration. Love you all! Adelante!,” said Michael Guinita from Mandaue City Comprehensive High School in a general message(gm).

The two-day leadership training and seminar have exposed 70 students from 17 high schools in Metro Cebu to the most recent issues of the community.

Talks about Josenian Leadership by former SSC Vice President Jynx King Chanjueco, and Environmental Leadership from Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Cris Evert Lato, leadership games, and the preparation for mind boggling project proposal contest have filled out the first day of the delegates.

The Day 2 commenced with the Media’s Responsibility in Nation Building talk of former ABS-CBN Cebu reporter Rachel Dangin, followed by the project proposal hearing.

Right after the delegates have taken their lunch, they went to the USJ-R adopted community in Sudtunggan, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City by the school buses to have their community immersion.

The closing ceremonies was held at the USJ-R Main Campus where delegates had their cocktails and heard the inspirational talk of the University President Rev. Fr. Enrico Peter A. Silab, OAR.

Giving of certificates, the awarding of the Top 5 Adelante Student of the Year, and the Project Proposal Champions were aslo made.

Fr. Silab congratulated the SSC for coming up with an activity like ASLC.

SSC promotes San Jose through Student Leaders Summit

A student leaders conference will be organized by the University of San Jose – Recoletos Supreme Student Council 30th Congress this coming February 3 – 4, 2012 at the USJ-R Basak Campus.

The 2nd Adelante Student Leaders Congress of SSC has invited high school students all over Cebu to participate on this seminar and training activity.

This event is said to develop the leadership skills of these high school students in the perspective of being a community-oriented humans.

At the same time, it promotes our school as a venue for aspiring leaders to apply their craft in leadership.

The speakers of this event are members of the Ten Outstanding Student of the Philippines like USJ-R alumnus Jynx King Chanjueco, Philippine Daily Inquirer Visayas Correspondent Cris Evert Lato, and ABS-CBN’s Rachel Dangin.

This project has been pioneered by the 28th congress but has not been implemented last 29th.

Christmas breeze sets in San Jo

SSC house representatives put the decorations on the stair railings in the USJ-R Lobby. (Photo by Giovanni Garcia)

Poinsettia, Christmas balls, Christmas tree, and Green Pine leaves are just some of the things that you can see once you enter University of San Jose – Recoletos Main Campus.

This is after USJ-R Supreme Student Council (SSC) 30th Congress started to make an effort in putting Christmas decorations in the school’s front lobby.

Artificial Pine leaves, with sparkling flowers and balls have dominated the railings of the first stair and some of the wall edges in the lobby.

“SSC needs to put great effort in doing this since Christmas is fast approaching. This will remind USJ-R students that it’s already Christmas and we need to prepare.” SSC President Raymund Sesican said.

He added that they don’t have yet the plan on what exactly the set up would look like but it will surely entertain students upon entering the school and remind them of the truest essence of Christmas which is giving.

“It feels good to see Christmas decorations at this point of time. It makes people happy because Christmas is inherently the moment when everyone should be happy.” Justine Inell Cutamora, AB MASSCOM 4, said.

Sesican also said that they will try their best to beautify the area by placing most of the resources that the council can afford.

SSC President Raymund Sesican attaches artificial pine leaves at the entrance of the lobby.

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Officers get equipped

Participants of the seminar for treasurers and auditors with Ms. Bianca Init(middle most), Hon. Jerbee Albutra, and Hon. Annafe Ng.

Over 50 officers were trained during the seminar for organizational secretaries, treasurers, and auditors last August 13, 2011.

USJ-R Supreme Student Council 30th Congress organized the said seminar to equip the officers from various accredited organizations of the university of the necessary skills to be able to fulfill their duties.

At room 304, treasurers and auditors had Ms. Bianca Suzette Init as their resource speaker about making accurate financial statements, Ms. Init is a former treasurer of the JPIA.

Secretaries had their discussion on the topics of business correspondence, specifically in letter making and the sorts at the Physics Laboratory with Mr. Harvey Inahid as their resource speaker.

“ The seminar – workshop was a nice activity organized by SSC. I learned a lot of things in accordance to my position as assistant secretary. It is helpful for us officers to know the nature of our positions and it enhances our capabilities as an officer.” Said Reysheil Ledesma – assistant secretary of JSPELL.

The secretaries with Mr. Harvey Inahid, Hon. Raymund Sesican, and Hon. Giovanni Garcia. Photo taken last August 13, 2011 by Hannah Pardo.

Listening to the speaker just so well.

Orgs particpate SSC Org Week

Hon. Raymund Sesican (center) together with Rev. Fr. Charlito Orobia and Mr. Antonio Soria cut the ribbon to signify the commencement of the program.

To advance every organization’s competence, Supreme Student Council 30th Congress (SSC) of the University of San Jose – Recoletos (USJ-R) organized the Organizational Week 2011 last August 8 – 12, 2011.

Different organizations sent their representatives for the various competitions that SSC prepared.

These contests include Haranahan, Icon Makin Contest, Photo Contest, Comical Skit, Atras – Abante, and Talent Showdown.

The winners are as follows:


1st – PICE

2nd – NSC

3rd – ICTO


1st – JPIA

2nd – READS

3rd – JPSME


1st – NSC

2nd – JPSME

3rd – JPIA


1st – JPIA

2nd – POLSCI



1st – EMS

2nd – JPSME


1st – ICTO

2nd – JBEA

3rd – JPIA

‘promote the rights of the students’

Students contemplate on the pictures of the SSC officers at the USJ-R Main Lobby.

University of San Jose – Recoletos (USJ-R) Supreme Student Council 30th Congress (SSC) celebrated SSC Awareness Week 2011.

With the theme “SSC: CARES” which means championing and advancing the rights of every student, the SSC 30th Congress provided students with entertaining programs and competitions last July 25 to 29.

To extensively introduce and make the students aware of the SSC’s existence is the primary goal of the event.

Exhibits at both Basak and Main Campuses that displayed different officers, and also the past presidents of the council was shown.

Some contests and activities that were organized include academic game show, spelling bee, on-the-spot essay writing contest, oration, extemporaneous speaking, and photo contest.

Information drive about the accident insurance of students and the process of claiming it was made by the representatives of the insurance provider.

Also, SSC organized a bloodletting activity through the efforts of the College of Nursing and the Red Cross Youth – Cebu Chapter.

The program started with a Holy Mass on Monday celebrated by Fr. Randy Castillo, and the culmination was the announcement and awarding of the winners from the different competitions on Friday.

The following are the winners from the said competitions:


1st – Arnel Talisic

2nd – Carlos Malapitan

3rd – Apple Mae Miego


1st – April Daisy Brillo

2nd – Mayshel Pastor

3rd – Fernando Geno Jr.


1st – Felisa Romano

2nd – Tramina Ortega

3rd – George Miguel Remotigue


1st – Ulisses Besabella

2nd – Maykka Reneeth Murillo

3rd – Charie Jan Oran


1st – Hendy Abendan

2nd – Christian Rex Omandac

3rd – Melva Cadapan


1st – Peter Agripo

2nd– Rich Ibale

3rd – Marvin Panares

Hon. Lovelea Suarez(center) and Hon. Marmie Dyan Deniega (Left most) with the representatives of Red Cross Cebu Chapter after the Bloodletting activity. Photo credits to Forward Publications.

The scene before everything started.